Sea Isle City Town Update


I would like to thank all of Sea Isle City’s
property-owners and visitors, who have been very patient while road work has
taken place throughout our town. Nobody likes to deal with street closures or
detours; however, the infrastructure improvements that we are undergoing along Park Road, Central Avenue and Landis Avenue will
surely benefit us all. I would especially like to thank the residents of the
100 block of 79th Street,
who have been waiting for several years for repairs to take place along their
deteriorated road, which required involvement from the County. Work on 79th Street is now
underway, and we are grateful for everyone’s cooperation, patience and

This weekend, parishioners from Saint Joseph Catholic Church will celebrate the
completion of their new house of worship with a special concert on Sunday
afternoon. The concert, which begins at 3:00 p.m. inside the new church, will
feature Carl Granieri and his orchestra performing with a 100-voice choir.
Concert tickets cost $25 each and can be purchased at the parish rectory on 44th Street or at
the door on the day of the concert. –Let the music begin!

With each passing week, more and more people are returning to Sea Isle City to resume their favorite seashore
activities. I’m very happy to report that I am continually greeted by residents
and visitors, who tell me how much they are enjoying Sea Isle’s recent
improvements. People seem especially pleased with our new library and
historical museum at 48th and Central, the recent beautification efforts along JFK Boulevard, and
the current construction of our new Information
Center. Clearly, this is
a very exciting time for our town, and the best part is that we are not yet
done growing! By the time the summer rolls around, we will also have a new
public parking lot on JFK
Boulevard, dredging will have begun in the Rio Grande and Rio Del Isole lagoons, and renovations at
the Townsend Inlet Waterfront
Park will be completed.
As you will see when you read the Project Updates below, there are also other
construction efforts taking place in town, which will further contribute to Sea
Isle’s beauty and the strength of our infrastructure.

Occasionally, I also meet local property-owners while I am out of town. On a
recent plane ride home from Florida,
I was approached by Bob and Ellen Norton, who were kind enough to introduce
themselves during the flight. The Nortons commented on Sea Isle’s E-Newsletter,
how they appreciate being able to stay informed, and how much they enjoy
reading about their favorite shore town every two weeks. It seems that no
matter where I go, people are talking about Sea Isle City. It’s always great to hear positive
comments about the town we all love, and I look forward to speaking with more
of you in the future about what’s happening on our island autocad 2015 herunterladen. We will continue to
keep everyone aware of pertinent information through Sea Isle’s E-Newsletters,
E-Alerts and all other means possible, because an informed community is a
productive community. After all, what good are all these wonderful changes if
nobody knows about them?

Smile…You’re in Sea

Mayor Leonard C. Desiderio


As discussed in our
previous newsletters, we will have a second reading, public hearing and final
vote on the following ordinances during our next council meeting on Tuesday,
April 24:

–Ordinance #1517, which includes various items related to parking. Key
elements in that ordinance are: A) Parking rates will now be 25-cents for 15
minutes (versus the previous rate of 25-cents for 30 minutes); B) Additional
parking meter locations will be installed; and C) 15-minute parking spots will
be added in the business district. This same ordinance also provides for the
installation of two stop signs along Central

–Ordinance #1518, to authorize the use of capital surplus for various items.

–Ordinance #1519, which will allow for the licensing of a new Jitney in Sea Isle
City this summer.

–Ordinance #1520, which will allow the sale of alcohol on Sundays starting at
10:00 a.m.

We encourage all residents and visitors to participate in our Spring Beach
Clean Up, hosted by the Sea Isle City Environmental Commission, on Saturday
April 21, 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Sign-up takes place on Saturday at JFK Boulevard at
the Promenade. All participants will be rewarded with a buffet luncheon, hosted
and provided by Mike’s Seafood in Fish Alley.

City Council and the City’s Administration have formed a Landis Avenue
Streetscape Committee. The charter of this group is to look for ways to enhance
the Landis Avenue
streetscape within our business district and make it compatible with the new
improvements at Braca
Plaza and anticipated
improvements along JFK Boulevard
this fall. This committee is made up of representatives from City Council, the
Administration, the Chamber of Commerce and Revitalization and Sea Isle’s
Beautification Committee. We anticipate that the committee will be in a
position to share their proposals with the public by late spring.

City Council will hold our annual Saturday meeting on May 19, at 9:00 a.m.,
inside Council Chambers. This meeting is being held in conjunction with
Community Day, which begins at 11:00 a.m. on May 19 at the Community Lodge.

Best Regards from the Members of City Council


Please Note:
As we head toward the summer, the push is on to complete projects in advance of
our busy tourist season. Our objective continues to be to maintain and improve
Sea Isle’s public assets and infrastructure in order to provide our residents
and visitors with the best quality of life, and fulfill the City’s vision of
Sea Isle as a premier destination resort, while maintaining a small town,
community atmosphere herunterladen.


Phase 2 of Excursion Park,
Beach to Bay Corridor
– This project involves streetscape
improvements to the public corridor along JFK Boulevard (from the Promenade to Landis Avenue) and
widening of the sidewalks along each side of this corridor by 3 feet. The
contractor, Fred M. Schiavone Construction, is in the process of completing the
project. New energy efficient, decorative street lighting and bollard lighting
has been installed. Verizon and Atlantic City Electric are in the process of
relocating utility poles and placing some utilities underground. Once the
utility work is complete, the paver sidewalks will be finished and hanging
flower baskets and decorative banners will be installed on the light poles. The
entire project is expected to be completed within the next month.

Construction of Decorative Seat Wall at
Excursion Park
– To improve the
appearance of the park and provide for additional seating, the City is
constructing a landscaping masonry seat wall along the eastern edge of the
grounds. The wall will match the masonry work recently installed, and is
expected to be complete within the next two weeks.

Demolition of Existing Library / Beach
Tag Facility and Conversion to Parking Lot
– The old Library / Beach Tag
Building has been
demolished. Following the clearing of the site, construction of concrete work
will start next week, along with installation of underground conduit for the
parking lot lighting. The parking lot lighting will match the lighting recently
installed on JFK Boulevard
from Landis to the Promenade. The project also includes landscaping and a
6-foot high fence around the perimeter. Completion of the new lot is scheduled
for the first half of June, prior to Skimmer Weekend (June 16 and 17).Please
see photos below…

Construction of Welcome Center Addition
to the Community Lodge and Renovations of the Existing Lodge Facility and Site

– The contractor, R. Wilkinson and Sons, will be installing the new siding on
the Lodge over the next two weeks and continuing with construction of the new
Welcome Center addition. The building envelope for the addition is scheduled to
be completed within the next month; with opening of the Welcome Center
scheduled for mid-June. The new handicapped access ramps along with interior
renovation work to the Community Lodge have been completed, and activities are
once again taking place at the Lodge. The project is the culmination of several
years of public discussion about the need for a Welcome Center,
as well as the need for continued utilization of the current lodge facility.
Please see photos below…

Improvements to T. I. Park – The contractor,
Axios, Inc., is completing the installation of new decking on the ramps,
stairs, and pavilion area Download driver for free in full. The pavilion has also been repainted. New aluminum
railings are currently being installed, providing for compliance with the
Americans with Disabilities Act. Access to the park and pavilion remains closed
in order to ensure public safety while construction takes place. The project is
expected to be complete by the end of the month. Please see photos below…

Lagoon Dredging — The
current status of the project is as follows:

The contractor, Wickberg Marine Contracting of Belford, NJ, is continuing with
construction of dike walls in the dredged material disposal area located west
of the library, adjacent to Rio Grande lagoon (Rio Grande is along 47th Place). Dike
construction has continued to be difficult, due to the condition of the soils,
and this phase of the work is now expected to be completed by the first week of

Dredging of Rio Grande Lagoon and a portion of Rio Del Isole (along Venicean Road) will
take place during May and into June; with measures taken to avoid disruption to

Dredging work will not take place over most of the summer and will re-commence
after Labor Day, when the remainder of the lagoons will be dredged.

The lagoons to be dredged are as follows:

Rio Grande (south side of 47th Place)

Rio Delle Stelle (between 46th and 47th Place)

Rio Delle Luna (between 45th and 46th Place)

Rio Del Amore (between 44th Street and 45th Place)

Rio Delle Isole (along Venicean Road)

Rio Del Barche (between 43rd Place and 44th Street)

Rio Del Affare (between 42nd and 43rd Place)

Rio Delle Ponte (along Park Road on either side of 43rd Place)

The project provides for the ability of private property owners adjacent to the
project area to enter into an agreement with the dredging contractor to dredge
their private slips (at the private owner’s expense). In conjunction with the
City project, properties at the above locations do have the required permit to
perform private slip dredging.

As part of this project, consistent with the commitment to afford the opportunity
to private property owners to have their slips dredged (at their own expense),
the City continues to work with the Army Corps of Engineers and the NJ
Department of Environmental Protection to obtain permits for previously
identified areas of need, including the western side of Venicean Road (along
the intracoastal waterway) and along Sounds Avenue in the area of 38th Street.
Permits for these areas are not expected to be obtained until late summer or
early fall, which will still allow time for these property owners to come to
agreement with the dredging contractor to have their slips dredged prior to
completion of the overall project.

Sewer and Road Reconstruction on Central Avenue
(49th to 69th Street)
– The project has been contracted to the
firm of Lewandowski Construction Industries, Inc., of Waterford, NJ.
The project will be performed in two phases: the first being from 49th to 63rd Street and the
second phase from 63rd to 69th
Street. The contractor will be required to cease
construction operations for the summer season and start back up after Labor
Day. Based on the current assessment of the project, utility work is expected
to be completed from 63rd to 55th
Street prior to the coming summer. The road
surface will be temporarily restored to allow for vehicular travel with no
detours or obstructions over the summer. Trench paving work from 63rd to 59th Street is
scheduled to take place tomorrow; with the remaining trench paving to be
performed before the project ceases operation for the summer follow tvnow.

The remainder of phase one (to 49th Street) along with phase two (from 63rd to
69th Street) will be completed in the fall; after which the entire roadway will
be resurfaced. The project will provide for an upgraded sewer system and new
road surface for the entire one mile stretch of roadway. This section of sewer
has been problematic for years, with continuous maintenance issues; and this
project will not only provide for appropriate sewage infrastructure, it will
assist in decreasing the amount of ground water sent to the county sewage
treatment plant, thus saving in unnecessary costs associated with the treatment
of “infiltration” water. Please see photos below…


Utility Reconstruction on Landis Avenue
(54th to 69th Street)
– The project has been contracted to F.W.Shawl & Sons
of Marmora, NJ, and will provide for water and sewer line replacement in
advance of the County project to resurface Landis Avenue from 54th to 69th
Street. To date, the contractor has installed hydrant services, water main extensions
out of several intersections, and new water services to adjacent properties.
Utility work will continue through the third week of May, with work suspended
through the summer and then resumed in the fall. The County is scheduled to
resurface Landis Avenue
from 54th to 69th Street
either in the fall of 2012 or spring of 2013.


Inflow and Infiltration (I & I)
– The firm of Video Pipe Services, Inc. of
Newfield, NJ, is in the process of performing work associated with internal
repairs of sewer pipelines and manholes throughout the City. The portion of the
project involving sealing of sanitary sewer mains has been substantially
completed. The bulk of the remaining work involves internal lining of
deteriorated sewer under Pleasure
Avenue in the area of 35th to 39th Street. The Pleasure Avenue
work is scheduled to be performed the week of April 23rd. The entire project is
scheduled to be completed within the next month. The need for this project was
indentified over the past several years through a comprehensive investigation
and analysis of the City’s sewer system. Sewer systems are prone to both inflow
(overland water entering the sewer system through manhole covers and other
surface openings in the system) and infiltration (entry of groundwater into
pipelines through cracks, deteriorated pipe, and pipe joints). The effects of I
& I are symptoms of deterioration of the sewer system that must be
corrected to avoid more problematic maintenance issues and potential failure of
the sewer system. I & I is also costly, in that the City must pay for the
unnecessary treatment of water that enters the sanitary sewer system. This is
the first phase of a multi-year citywide sewer maintenance and improvement
project that will ensure the continued viability of the City’s vital sewer
infrastructure. As indicated above, this project is expected to be completed by
April. The next phase of I & I work will involve replacement of sewer lines
that cannot be corrected through internal, “no-dig” repairs, as are being performed
in this phase can be downloaded from instagram pictures. As those projects are engineered and prepared for bidding and
construction, we will provide updates on the specific details of the projects.

Utility Reconstruction, Various Streets
– The project includes replacement of deteriorated underground utilities (water
and sewer) in several streets, as part of the City’s comprehensive road and
utility program. At the April 10th City Council meeting, the council authorized
award of a construction contract for the project to Garden State General
Construction, Inc., of Rio Grande, NJ, in the amount of $607,653.92. Garden State
was the lowest bidder of the eight firms that submitted bids for the project.
The work is scheduled to be performed partially in the spring, with a summer
hiatus, then completed in the fall. Following utility work, the streets will
receive new surface paving. The following streets are included in this project:

1. 50th Street,
Landis Avenue
to Promenade

2. 51st Street,
Landis Avenue
to Promenade

3. 60th Street,
Landis Avenue
to Central Avenue

4. 43rd Place
street end with guide rail barrier

5. 42nd Street,
Landis Avenue
to Promenade

6. 79th Street,
Landis Avenue
to Central Avenue

7. 60th Street,
Landis Avenue
to Beach End

JFK Boulevard Reconstruction, from Bridge to Landis Avenue (NO CHANGE
FROM PREVIOUS UPDATE) – The County has been working with the City for design of
the project to reconstruct and reconfigure JFK Boulevard from the Sea Isle Bridge to Landis Avenue. The project limits also
include reconstruction of Landis
Avenue from JFK Boulevard to 40th Street. The project scope will
include the addition of widened sidewalks, decorative lighting, streetscape
improvements and landscaping, drainage improvements, and elevation of the road
surface which will assist during times of flooding. The County Engineer and the
design engineering firm of Urban Engineers (which is under contract to the
County), along with the City Engineer, made a presentation on the JFK Boulevard
project on March 7, 2012 in council chambers, at which time those in attendance
were informed of the project details and the proposed timing of the project.
The meeting was attended by approximately 30 members of the public and the
media, with the opportunity for questions and concerns to be raised. The engineers
addressed issues relative to drainage, traffic, the proposed elevation of the
road surface, changes to the road configuration, and the new streetscape. The
project involves federal funding, and the next step is for the County to obtain
authorization from federal and state agencies to proceed to bidding. If
authorization is received, the County will put the project out to bid by July
in order to award a contract for a fall 2012 construction start. In this event,
construction will take place between October 2012 and May 2013.

Paving of 43rd Street from Landis Avenue to Park Road – The project
involves final resurfacing of the street, along with associated replacement of
some of the adjacent curb and sidewalk sims 4 reich der magie kostenlosen. The work has been contracted to the firm
of Arawak Paving Co., Inc., of Hammonton,
NJ, in the amount of $98,500.
This paving project will finalize a complete reconstruction of this section of 43rd Street, which
previously received new water and sewer lines. The project is scheduled to be
completed prior to Memorial Day weekend.

Turtle Sculptures (NO
CHANGE FROM PREVIOUS UPDATE) – The City previously authorized the acquisition
of two signature turtle sculptures, one for placement at the JFK and Pleasure Avenue
corner of Excursion
Park and the other at the
north-end entrance of Sea Isle. The sculpture at Excursion Park
will be approximately six feet in length and the north-end sculpture will be
approximately three feet in length. The sculptures are expected to be delivered
to the City this month.

County Drainage
Improvements, Park Road
– The County has contracted with RTW Construction to perform
several drainage improvement projects in Sea Isle City. RTW has completed underground
drainage work on Park Road
and is now mobilized at 79th
Street, where they will perform replacement of
deteriorated storm sewer between Landis and Central Avenue. This work is scheduled to
be completed within the next two weeks. Following completion of the drainage
work at 79th Street,
additional drainage work is scheduled to be performed onLandis Avenue between 24th and25th Street.


The 2012 New Jersey Top Ten Beaches Survey is now underway – and Sea Isle
City is one of the
hottest towns on the list! Conducted by the New Jersey Sea Grant Consortium and
The Coastal Research Center at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, 2012
is the 5th year for the annual survey, which rates 48 beach communities from
Sandy Hook to Cape May. In 2010, Sea Isle City ranked 5th among the state’s beach towns, and in
2011 Sea Isle City
was 4th! You can let the entire Garden
State know that Sea Isle City is NUMBER ONE, by casting your vote
online at . Voting is fast, easy and free – and it will
help everyone learn that Sea
Isle City
is wonderful shore community.



The Sea Isle City branch of the Cape May County
Library, located at 48th Street
and Central Avenue,
is open to the public. However, visitors must have an active library membership
card to use the facility’s computers, rent a movie or borrow a book. To obtain
a library card, local residents simply need to show proof of residency; and
those who own homes in Sea
Isle City
and live elsewhere must show a local tax or utility bill or some other proof of
home-ownership. Visitors (weekly or seasonal) can obtain a temporary card by
showing a rental lease and providing proper identification that includes their
home address.

The library is open 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Monday and Wednesday, and 9:00
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (closed Sunday) komoot offline karten herunterladen.
For more information, phone 263-7301 or visit



–The next City Council meeting
is Tuesday, April 24, at 10:00 a.m., in Council Chambers on the second level of
the S.I.C. Public Safety
Building, 233 JFK Boulevard.
The public is invited to attend.

–The S.I.C.
Environmental Commission’s Annual Spring Beach Clean-Up is Saturday, April 21,
10:00 a.m. to 12 noon. Families,
individuals, scout troops, civic clubs and all other volunteers are needed to
make this important event a success. No pre-registration is required – just
check-in on April 21 at JFK and the Promenade. All volunteers will be treated
to a buffet luncheon immediately following the clean-up on April 21, courtesy
of Mike’s Seafood in Fish Alley (263-2081).

–The owners of all
Sea Isle City
rental properties are required to purchase Rental Permits
for each house, apartment and condo
rental. 2012 Rental Permits should be purchased at the Municipal Clerk’s Office
at City Hall by May 1 for $150.00 each. The late fee to purchase a rental
permits is $175.00 (263-4461, ext. 200).

–A Golf Weekend is being hosted by the Sea Isle
City Chamber of Commerce and Revitalization on May 4, 5 & 6, featuring
discounts at area golf courses, restaurant specials, lodging deals, gifts and
prizes (, or 263-9090).

–The Police Unity
will be
in Sea Isle
City on Thursday, May 10, at the Public Safety
Building, 233 JFK Boulevard,
10:30 to 11:30 a.m. (

–The Association
of Surf Anglers will host the Karl Boehret Surf Fishing Tournament
in Sea Isle City on Saturday, May 12, 7:00 a.m. to
12:30 p.m. (642-1427,

–A City-Wide Yard
, hosted
by the SIC Chamber of Commerce & Revitalization, will take place on
Saturday, May 12, 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Clean-out your garage, empty your
attic and add your home to the official list of participating properties; no
fee is required to participate (263-9090,

–A Mother’s Day
Shopping Event
hosted by the SIC Chamber of Commerce & Revitalization, will be held May 12
-13 (263-9090,

–An Introduction
to Genealogy will be presented at the Sea Isle City Library,
48th Street and Central Avenue, on Friday, May 18, 2:00
to 3:30 p.m modern fonts. Information about and other genealogy resources will
be presented by Clare Hughes Bebbington. No registration is required. For more
information, phone SIC Historical Society President Mike Stafford

–The SIC Garden
Club’s 2012 Flower Sale is Saturday, May 19
, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., at the
Public School, 47th and Park Road. Many varieties of flowers (in flats and in
pots) will be on sale (263-1157,

–Sea Isle City’s Community Day is Saturday, May 19, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the
Community Lodge, JFK Boulevard
and Park Road.
During Community Day, residents and visitors can speak with City department
heads, chat with volunteers from local organizations and learn all about what’s
happening in town. There will also be a free shredding event taking place,
sponsored by First Bank of Sea
Isle City.
Each household can bring two “banker’s boxes” or smaller containers filled with
personal documents for shredding (proof of SIC home ownership or residency is
required). Plus, there will be a City Council meeting at 10:00 a.m. in Council
Chambers and a Public Bike Auction on Community Day (263-4461, ext.245).

–The Environmental
Commission’s Annual Turtle Party
to support Beachcomber Guided Tours is Sunday, May 20, 6:00
p.m., at the Lobster Loft Restaurant, 42nd and the Bay (263-9643).

–The S.I.C. Beach
Tag Office has moved to a temporary location
in a mobile office on 42nd Place (near
the Lobster Loft Restaurant, across from the Municipal Marina). The Beach Tag
Office will move to its permanent home inside the new Welcome Center
later this year. The office is currently open seven days a week, 9:00 a.m. to
3:00 p.m. Look for the “Open” flag out front! (263-1771).

–Free 2012 Veterans Beach
Tags are now available to any United
States military veteran
. Veterans Beach
Tags are seasonal tags that will grant access to any of Sea Isle’s beaches
during the summer months. These tags are only for the use of Vets (not their
families). To obtain a 2012 Veterans Beach Tag, bring your DD214 Discharge Form
to VFW Post 1963, JFK Boulevard and Cini Avenue (adjacent to the Sea Isle
Bridge), on Wednesdays, 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.; Fridays, 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.; and
Saturdays and Sundays, 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. (263-1711).

–America’s Active
Duty Military Personnel can use Sea Isle’s beaches for free
by visiting the Beach Tag Office
between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day and providing a current active
military duty identification card to receive a 100% discount on Sea Isle City’s
beach tags (263-1771).

–Sea Isle City now offers online view and payment options for
municipal property tax bills and water/sewer utility bills
(visit and
click on the “Tax &
Utility Payment Center” icon at the bottom of the
homepage) skate games pc for free. You can mail-in a payment as always, or pay online through your
checking account, credit card or debit card. Please Note: Online viewing is
free; however a convenience charge will be applied if you pay your bills

–Bulk Trash will be collected on the following
days: 1st Thursday of Month from 1st to 44th Street; 2nd Thursday of Month from
45th to 70th Street;
3rd Thursday of Month from 71st to 94th
Street. Brush and branches will be collected on
all streets on the 4th Thursday of Month. A city-wide Bulk Trash collection
will take place on June 7.

–The City of Sea Isle City will gladly
arrange a Welcome Home Ceremony
for any members of the military as they return to town. To
arrange a “Hero’s Welcome” for your favorite Sailor, Marine, Soldier, Airman,
National Guard or Coast Guard service member, phone Mayor Desiderio’s Office
(263-4461, ext. 245) or Commander Chick Haines at VFW Post 1963 (263-1711). You
can also find a “Welcome Home Ceremony” application online at (via the “Quick Links” and “Downloadable Forms” tabs).

–The Search is on
for Cape May County’s Outstanding Senior Citizen of
the Year
and Outstanding Organization of the Year. The
citizen nominee must be a resident of Cape May County
over the age of 60 and have contributed time to helping others. The
Organization of the Year must be made up of volunteers who have contributed to
the community and can be made up of seniors helping any age group or a younger
group helping seniors. The County has extended the deadline to submit nominees
until Friday, April 20, 2012. Mail nominees to the Department of Aging and
Disabilities Services, Social Services Building, 4005 Route 9, South, Rio
Grande, N.J. 08242, Attention Carol Lennox (609-886-2784).

–The 2012 Senior
hosted by the Cape May County Department of Aging and Disability Services in
honor of Older American’s Month, is Thursday, May 3, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. inside
the Avalon Community Center, 30th & the Beach
in Avalon. This year, the theme is “ALOHA.” There will be live entertainment,
dancing, and a free lunch served. Plus, awards will be given to the “Senior of
the Year” and the “Organization of the Year.” This free event is open to all Cape May County residents age 60 and over (609-

–Summer Recreation

will begin on May 14, 2012. Registration forms will be available online at or at the Recreation
Service Building,
6108 Central Avenue chaosflo44 skin.
Forms MUST be postmarked by June 9, 2012. Registration is subject to
availability (263-0050).

–The pre-season
cost for 2012 Seasonal
Beach Tags is $20 per tag
through May 15, 2012.
Starting May 16, 2012 seasonal tags will cost $25 per tag (263-1771).

–A Red Cross Blood
take place on Thursday, June 7, 1:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Sea Isle City United
Methodist Church,
JFK Boulevard
and Park Road.
Blood donors are needed (263-8025).

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